Handwriting requires mastering and coordinating several different skills. Not surprisingly, many children struggle with handwriting, which can impact their ability to succeed in many schoolwork tasks. When handwriting requires more effort than necessary, children often resist academic tasks that require handwriting, potentially causing cascading difficulties in school. Unfortunately, school settings are often not designed to remedy handwriting issues, and many students require additional, outside-of-school remedial assistance.

The Therapy Nest specializes in handwriting remediation.

Our first step to improving a student’s handwriting is an evaluation to assess the child’s strengths and areas of weakness. Many factors can impact a child’s handwriting ability, including visual perceptual skills, ocular motor skills, fine motor skills, visual attention, and visual motor skills. Once we complete our evaluation and form objectively-achievable goals, The Therapy Nest uses a variety of strategies to help remediate the child’s handwriting during highly tailored occupational therapy sessions. Typically occupational therapy sessions alone can successfully remediate many handwriting issues, but The Therapy Nest also believes strongly that achieving the best outcomes often requires partnering with parents, teachers, and, when necessary, other health professionals.