We are excited to offer a free tummy time class for infants (8 weeks to 6 months). The tummy time class is intended for parents to learn how to foster their baby's motor development and help prevent developmental delays. Parents will leave the class with new play activities and floor positions to help their baby's motor skills and build success with tummy time. Playing on the floor is a great way to bond with your baby!

The classes meet at 1:00 on the first Thursday of every month. Classes are limited to 8 babies. To register, parents just need to email rachel@thetherapynest.com

Private, individual classes to coach parents how to foster their baby's motor development during the first year are also offered at the gym or in your home. Individual classes are tailored to meet your baby's development needs. 

Check out an article Rachel wrote about tummy time: Tummy Time Tips Every Parent Needs to Know.