An amazing OT, Rachel is very successful at identifying and leveraging a child's strengths to encourage them to work on areas of weakness. We have found Rachel to be particularly masterful at unraveling and addressing complex sensory issues. Rachel is very straight forward to work with, communication is a breeze; she is an incredibly helpful resource to parents. I am grateful to have had Rachel's support for my child over many years, and through a variety of OT and educational challenges. 

Leonie, mom to Brody, 7

Jackson began working with Rachel when he was 9 months old. During his occupational therapy sessions, Rachel focused on helping Jackson develop both play and hand skills that he was having difficulty with at home. Between our therapy sessions and the detailed explanations, ideas and hand outs that Rachel gave us to promote Jackson's development at home, Jackson made unbelievable progress in a very short period of time. Not only is Rachel knowledgeable and competent in her field, but she always went above and beyond to help me understand all of her work so that I could support her efforts at home. Occupational therapy helped Jackson master many skills that filled his playtime with endless possibilities that had previously caused frustration. We were very lucky to have worked with such an amazing occupational therapist, and we have Rachel to thank for so many of Jackson's newfound skills! 

Suzanna, mom to Jackson, 1

Our son, Theo, was having a lot of trouble with his fine motor skills in PreK. The act of holding a pencil or a crayon, let alone writing, was difficult and frustrating for him. Rachel broke handwriting down for him in a way that he could manage. She helped him relax and gave him room to make mistakes while he was learning. I don't think Theo ever realized he was getting occupational therapy because he was having so much fun during their sessions. After a few months, he had mastered his grip and could write all his letters with confidence. By the time he entered Kindergarten this year, Theo was right where he needed to be. Today, he says writing and drawing are his favorite activities in school. 

Nathalie, mom to Theo, 5

My son was having difficulty keeping up with his peers to complete writing and reading assignments at school. Rachel was able to identify underlying reasons why Sebastian was having difficulty reading and writing. Now he is reading well above grade level, and testing on the high end of normal on eye tracking. He LOVES to read and can easily plow through a few simple chapter books in one afternoon. We are struggling to keep up with his demand for books! His writing is strong/at grade level and hugely improved over last year. He does not resist writing assignments at all -- he just wrote 15 thank-you notes for his birthday with very little fuss. Best of all, he is no longer hugely frustrated by his inability to express himself in writing, so his overall mood at school has improved. His time with Rachel was hugely helpful! 

Erin, mom to Sebastian, 6

I decided to seek occupational therapy for my son, Max, after his preschool teacher mentioned that fine motor tasks were hard for him and it was starting to affect him at school. I am so glad that I found Rachel. Rachel explained everything in a way that I could understand and gave me fun activities to help him at home. He was always so proud when he mastered a new skill (writing a new letter, tying his shoes, buttoning) with Rachel, and he wanted to practice the strategies that she taught him at home. Max was also more timid on the playground and didn't love the swings and climbing like his friends. Because of his time with Rachel, he has gained so much confidence in his ability to play on gym equipment. Rachel was awesome to work with! 

Lisi, mom to Max, 5

When my three year old daughter was first evaluated by a developmental pediatrician, we were told that she had significant attention and self-regulation issues and were advised to seek intense occupational therapy in an effort to remediate these issues. She could not sit for more than a few moments and was unable to focus on age appropriate activities -- stacking blocks, stringing beads, coloring, etc -- for more than a few seconds at a time. After six months of therapy with Rachel, Willow is a completely different child. Focused, more emotionally regulated, she can now participate fully in her preschool setting as well as entertain herself and engage in age appropriate activities at home with her family. 

Jennifer, mom to Willow, 3